The Michelin is one of the largest tire companies in the sector and is present between the leaders of the world market, offering high-quality products in more than 170 countries. To know more, check out: michelin defender t+h review

By using Michelin tires on your vehicle, you will be guaranteed safety and good performance for your car or motorcycle while driving. Get to know Michelin tires and the main benefits of using them.

Michelin touring tire

In order to offer the best products for drivers, Michelin offers an exclusive line of tires for specific use in passenger cars, bringing greater strength and safety to your vehicle.

The Michelin Energy XM2 Tire , for example, was developed to be able to withstand the harsh conditions of urban roads. The biggest advantage that this model brings, is the reduction of 20% of the rolling resistance, obtaining as a result a percentage of up to 6% more kilometers traveled.

Advantages of the Michelin tire

The Michelin tires bring in general, some advantages that can be identified, such as durability, safety and fuel economy.

The tires can get a high degree of safety when working with the brake systems and steering, which are the main components that can ensure safety while driving. Since tires are the only part of the car that has direct contact with the ground, it is of great importance and deserves to be given due attention so that it does not directly and incorrectly affect the stability, comfort, braking and safety of the vehicle and therefore of its passengers.

For the tires to be used properly bringing only advantages, it is important to make sure that the tires do not present any type of anomaly, in addition to maintaining the pressure that is indicated by the manufacturer. To ensure the safety of the tire, the steering alignment and the balance of the wheels must be carried out according to the original standard of each model.

Another advantage that can be identified in the use of Michelin tires is the durability of the product. It is difficult to indicate the exact mileage that a tire will be able to support since this item is directly linked to other factors, such as the load it takes related to the load it can handle, ambient temperature, driving style, among other varied factors. One of the items that has a greater impact when related to the durability of the tire , is the type of road on which it is driving. To better understand this point, Michelin Marketing Manager Renato Silva says that in a city where the road has many hills, a tire can only last 45,000 km while in a flat city, the tire could reach 90,000km.

Michelin 's main objective is to offer the best tire models for your vehicle, so that you can use the best. During its useful life, items such as alignment and balancing, which were previously created, can assist in the long life of the tire, as well as other items.

Finally, a great advantage of Michelin tires is the fuel economy that is offered. This economy can be influenced by other factors, such as:

· Rolling resistance (tire pressure, axle load, rubber composition).

· Resistance to climbs and acceleration (geographical conditions)

· Air resistance (wind contact surface)

In order for you to achieve good fuel economy, use Michelin Tires and pay attention to the items presented above.

Michelin 's greatest commitment is to deliver to its customers the best set of performances on the same tire throughout its useful life and for that it works tirelessly. Know the model tire from Michelin which is the most suitable for your vehicle and check other advantages that this product can bring to you.

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